Hojsova Stráž

First mention of this village is is from year 1614, when the village was part of Royal Kiln. It was one of the centres for production of iron ore. View point of whole village is a Pure conception of Virgin Mary church which was build in years 1824 – 1826. This church was an conversion from original wooden chapel which was sacrificed to Virgin Mary „Růžencové“ from years 1760 – 1761. Inside the chapel you can find one of the most rare altars which was made by Jakub Brandl from Dešenice in year 1762. The village serves as a tourist centre curently. There is a post office, train and bus station, shop and a few pensions and hotels. Hojsova Stráž is well situated for trips to Můstek, Prenet, Ostrý etc. 

Holiday Facilities 

The area around Železná Ruda is one of most famous touring centres in Šumava.There are great possibilities for summer and winter sports and holiday. High altitude is a guarantee of great conditions for winter sports. 


During spring, summer and autumn you can enjoy the beauties of Šumava scenery for walking or biking. There is a lot of cycle ways and in summer time you canfind here a few places for swimming. There are also some in-door swimming pools in neighbouring Germany for example in Zwiesel (25 km) or Lam (40 km).In the second half of summer you can collect mushrooms or bilberries.


In winter time you can choose from many ski slopes which are in the neighbourhood. For begginers there are a few slopes in Hojsova Stráž (1 km). In the range of 10 km there are 7 other ski slopes of warious heftiness and lenght. For the customers who prefer cross-country skiing there is a lot of traces. At the surrounding of pension there are great possibilities for year-long recreation or for active sports holidays.

Trips, tourism – we reccommend you to visit the following places:

  • Native reservation Black and Devil´s lake - Chair lift to Pancíř 1214 m altitude (outlook-tower) 
  • Chair lift to top fo Špičák 
  • Native reservation Bílá Strž (White Glen) 
  • Midday hill - Lakes Prášilské and Laka 
  • Castle Klenová with the picture gallery 
  • Museum of glass work in Železná Ruda 
  • Museum of Šumava in Sušice (40 km) 
  • Water dam by Nýrsko - Catacombs in Klatovy 
  • Possibility for swimming in Nýrsko (10 km) or Železná Ruda (12 km) 
  • Swimming pools in Germany (Zwiesel 25 km, Lam 40 km) 
  • Museum of motorcycles in Železná Ruda (10 km) 
  • Big Javor (Germany) the highest mountain in Šumava 1456 m altitude , lake (20 km) 
  • Castles Kašperk, Rabí, church Dobrá Voda (Good Water) by Hartmanice 
  • Big and small Ostrý (1293 and 1266 m altitude), big and small Prenet (1070 m altitude)